What Does Your Bedroom Say About You?

Boho Tassel Set for a Minimal Whimsical Bedroom

What Does Your Bedroom Say About You?

In these unprecedented times, as we adapt to spending more time at home, one of the things on the to-do list is to clean and pack our rooms. Some of us will likely do a revamp but we all know a total makeover is not possible at present. However, if you are thinking of reshuffling your current furniture around and changing your bedsheet to give your bedroom a new look, you should probably start by having an idea of how you want the “end product” to look first.

Step One: Pinning it all together on Pinterest

Keep the number of pins for this board between 10-15.

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Step Two: Identify the main characteristics of your dream bedroom

Some of the main characteristics I’ve observed from my Pinterest board are:

  1. Placement of the bed on the floor
  2. a standing mirror,
  3. having neutral colors, and
  4. using woody elements


Step Three: Visualize it, or sketch your ideas out on paper

Having a small space doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a beautiful space. Set the mood but don’t skimp on style. Now, empty your room in your mind. Visualize how you can apply all the characteristics you have listed out above. Warning: be prepared to let some existing items go if you have to. Decluttering does a major role in helping you put together your dream bedroom.


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Sahara Fitted Sheet Set

Can’t beat the price tag for its quality. Soft, smooth, great colour scheme, can’t wait to jump right in to my bed for a good snooze everytime!



Step Four: Bedsheet that completes the look

Based on my Pinterest board, it is pretty obvious that I am going for a minimalist look. One of the room characteristics I’ve listed is having neutral colors. This serves as a good guide for me to start with when shopping for a bedsheet. Neutral colors that fit my Pinterest board would be white, beige, pale grey, or even rose beige that is light enough to read as a neutral. For my bedroom, I used Comffe’s Sahara Set in Natural Beige to complete the look.

Your bed does a lot in setting the mood of your bedroom. That is also why one of the easiest ways to change up your room aesthetic is a change of bedsheet that speaks your style.

Final Step: Putting it all together

I gave my room a fresh coat of paint, shifted the furniture around to enlarge the space, and finally, transforming my room into my dream bedroom. Your bedroom is a reflection of your identity and your most intimate self. Make it comfy, and make it you.