Video: How To Fold A Bedsheet

Folding bedsheets is a tricky task. Do you have your freshly laundered sheets rolled up or shoved somewhere in the closet? So do we. But it can be quite an eyesore uh? Well, we dug through the internet and tried all the great ways of folding a fitted sheet. Our conclusion? We found this method to be the easiest, without much hassle, and can easily be done on your own.

Here’s a step-by-step video tutorial on how to fold your bedsheet like a pro.

It’s not rocket science, isn’t it? For a smooth start, try it on your Single or Super Single sheets to get the gist of it. You’ll find yourself stretching your arms wide apart tackling the Queens and Kings (we know! We wish we have longer arms too) but rest assured, this household task is just going to get a lot less frustrating than it has always been. Your closet will thank you for this. Try it on your next laundry day and ask your mom/partner how you did!

Check out another video tutorial here.
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