Learn About Cotton Bedding: Fabric & Weave


Here at Comffe, we are known for our crisp and breathable Percale sheets and our exceptionally comfy Sateen sheets. The type of weave and fabric contributes to how a set of sheet feels.


– Fabric –


Cotton is the most commonly known natural fabric for bedding. However, there are many variation to cotton bedding. The most widely used cotton fibres for bedding is made using American Upland. Generally, if a bedding label reads ‘100% cotton’, it is made using American Upland.

You will also meet with the term “combed cotton”. Combed cotton basically describes cotton fibers that have been combed to remove short and loose fibers. Consequently, those that remain are the long and strong fibers which makes the fabric strong and soft. If you don’t know it yet, Comffe bedding sets are also made of 100% combed cotton.

There are also certified long-staple cottons which includes Egyptian, Pima, and Supima®. They are of the highest quality of cotton.

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Bohemian Tassel Rhapsody Bed Set
Love the tassel details. So boho and the sheets are soft
as cotton, make it really hard to get out of bed at times.
– Anne



Microfiber (made from fine fibers of Polyester)

Microfiber is made from very thin, synthetic threads (man-made fabric). It is exceptionally smooth to touch, but probably not the best choice for those with sensitive skin. It can cause sweating and skin irritations at night because it is less breathable as compared to Cotton, so you may feel warmer while sleeping on it. This may be one of the reasons why some of us still sweat under our blankets even though we are sleeping in an air-conditioned room. The good thing about microfiber sheet is that it wrinkles less and can withstand wear and tear much better.

Also, they are very budget-friendly as it is less costly to create fibers as compared to growing them naturally.


Poly-cotton blend

A poly-cotton blend is a fabric made up of both cotton and polyester fibers. Many call it “the best of both worlds” because it doesn’t wrinkle as much, thanks to the polyester influence. Thus, they remain neat-looking and soft to touch. They also take advantage of the breathability of cotton, although it is not as breathable as 100% cotton itself. The poly-cotton blend usually consists of 50% cotton 50% polyester fibers. It is good to know the fiber ratio so as to weigh your expectations when it comes to its breathability features, appropriateness to skin sensitivity, etc.



– Weave –



Percale sheets have a plain weave. The threads cross under and over each other one at a time. A 1:1 ratio. This weave produces a matte-looking finish and gives a crisp and cool feeling to the sheets (just like when you slide into a crisp hotel bed).






Sateen sheets are woven by laying multiple wraps over a single weft. A 4:1 ratio. Having more warp threads on the surface creates a luminous sheen (shininess) on the sheets. It is often perceived as more luxurious because of its silk-like touch and how it wrinkles less.



Percale or Sateen:
Do you like it crisp or smooth?

cotton weave, comparison between percale and sateen, percale vs sateen sheets

If you’re wondering which is more suited for Singapore’s weather, our answer is Percale sheets. Percale sheets retain less heat as compared to Sateen sheets. Its breathability makes it perfect for Singapore’s warm climate and for hot sleepers. Sateen sheets can be warm to touch as a thicker yarn is used for them, despite their looser 4:1 weave. Thus, it feels heavier on the body. Well, some people like their sheets to feel crisp and cool, while some others prefer softer and silky-looking sheets. Ultimately, it still depends on your personal preference.

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