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Microfiber vs. Cotton bedsheet: Which Is More Suitable In Singapore


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I bet some of you can relate to this


On certain nights, the weather can be ridiculously warm in Singapore that sleeping in an air-conditioned bedroom sounds like a great idea. But how many of you still experience feeling very warm in bed against the sheets even though you’re sleeping in an air-con room? We MIGHT have an answer to that problem. But first, you will want to learn more about the fabric you are sleeping on every night. Namely, the difference between a microfiber vs. cotton bedsheet.


A short introduction about
Cotton and Microfiber


Cotton (Natural Fiber)

Cotton is the most commonly known natural fabric for bedding. However, there are many variations to cotton bedding. The most widely used cotton fibers for bedding are made using American Upland. Generally, if a bedding label reads ‘100% cotton’, it is made using American Upland.

You will also meet with the term ‘combed cotton’. Combed cotton basically describes cotton fibers that have been combed to remove short and loose fibers. Consequently, those that remain are the long and strong fibers that make the fabric strong and soft. If you don’t know it yet, Comffe bedding sets are also made of 100% combed cotton.

There are also certified long-staple cotton which includes Egyptian, Pima, and Supima®. They are of the highest quality of cotton.


Microfiber (Synthetic Fiber)

Microfiber is made from very thin, synthetic threads (man-made fabric). It is exceptionally smooth to touch, but probably not the best choice for those with sensitive skin. It can cause sweating and skin irritations at night because it is less breathable as compared to Cotton, so you may feel warmer while sleeping on it. This may be one of the reasons why some of us still sweat under our blankets even though we are sleeping in an air-conditioned room. The good thing about microfiber sheet is that it wrinkles less and can withstand wear and tear much better.

Also, they are very budget-friendly as it is less costly to create fibers as compared to growing them naturally.


Cotton vs. Microfiber Comparison



Microfiber bed sheets are an affordable option in the market as they are man-made and they composed of extremely fine fibers of polyester. Whereas Cotton bedsheet is more expensive as it is made from natural materials.



Microfiber bed sheets are exceptionally smooth to touch. Cotton bedsheets have a crisp look and aren’t as smooth at the beginning. They will only get softer with every wash and use. Therefore, if you were to compare both of them just by feeling it out on the spot in a departmental store, a Cotton bedsheet may be on the losing end because Cotton sheets will only get softer and more comfortable with time.



Microfiber bed sheets tend to trap body heat, which keeps you warmer at night. This is probably the reason why some Singaporeans feel hot and stuffy against their sheets which wakes them up in the middle of the night. It could affect your ability to get a good night’s sleep. Cotton bedsheets, on the other hand, are ideal for having a cooling and more comfortable night’s sleep, especially in a humid country like Singapore.

At the end of the day, it still boils down to a matter of personal preference. If feeling hot and stuffy is an issue every night, you might want to invest in sheets that keep you cooler in warm weather. In this case, 100% Cotton bedsheets will be a more suitable option as compared to Microfiber bedsheets. Knowing that you’ll spend almost six-eight hours a day laying in them.


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Sahara Fitted Sheet Set
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– Jean


Final Verdict:


The next time you decide to shop for new bedsheets, remember to consider which fabric is more suitable or comfortable for your skin and to sleep in. Check your bedsheet labels. It’s good to know what type(s) of fabric you’re sleeping on every night, whether you like it, and if it is suitable for your sleeping needs. You also need to consider other factors such as the type of weave, whether it is made from single ply or multi-ply yarns and how thread count is presented to you on the packaging.

If you’re looking for one now, look no further. We have just the right choice for you. Check out our Sahara Fitted Sheet Set made from 100% Combed Cotton, Single Ply, Percale Weave. With its natural beige shade, it is hugely versatile and works with any decor style!


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