⦁ How do you decide on the names of your candles?
You’ll realize that some of @aStarlightCo candles have the name of constellations in the night sky. We have Pleiadians Wish [lavender scented], Star Blush [rose scented] and Orion Dream [honeydew scented].

As for Cuddle Weather [secret recipe!], this scented candle is actually inspired by Comffe’s Ocean Hues bedding. The primary color being Blue and the name that resonates with most of us, especially on a rainy day.


⦁ What type of oil(s) do you use to scent your candles? Why do you recommend them?
Chloe: I use fragrance oil and soy wax for my candles. Most scented candles in the market use paraffin wax, which can be toxic when burned in excess. Do you know that paraffin is actually obtained from petroleum? When I first read about the harmful effects they can cause to my body, I started throwing out those candles. I use fragrance oil because the fragrance lasts longer as compared to essential oils. We use high-quality fragrance oils from Australia to allow long-lasting hot and cold throw from our candles, allowing the fragrance to stay from the first to the last burn.


• Can you share with us a little bit about your bedroom?
Chloe: I’ve just moved into this bedroom, which comes fully furnished. This is where I’ll be retreating into after a long, humid day out or at work. I would love for this space of mine to be 3 things: simplified, cozier and my comfort zone. I’ve made plans to contact Town Council for their Bulky Household Furniture Removal Service to move my existing wardrobe out. I’ve also rearranged the position of my bed and some other itsy bitsy furniture to make my room look more spacious. Basically, I’m going for a minimalist bedroom.

• Why Sahara? (What changes are you hoping to make to your bedroom?)
Chloe: First of all, I knew I needed new bedding because my existing floral bedding size isn’t a perfect fit for my mattress. My mattress is actually pretty thick. You can clearly see that the corners are all over the place. I’ve been eyeing on Sahara for a while now, since my first-time feeling how soft Sahara is at one of their pop-ups. I *sealed the deal* when I found out that Comffe bedsheet caters to thick mattresses of up to 16″ for Queen / King size.


• Which of A Starlight Company’s scented candle matches /complements with Sahara bedding?
Chloe: I would say Cuddle Weather, definitely.