Comffe, ocean hues, sahara, bedsheet, bed sheet Singapore, Sahara, fitted sheet, Ocean bed, quilt cover, home, home decorComffe, ocean hues, sahara, bedsheet, bed sheet Singapore, Sahara, fitted sheet, Ocean bed, quilt cover, home, home decor

Kenny, 28 years old and camera-shy, is the owner of Rusty, an incredibly adorable and obedient silver beige toy poodle. Being in a family of 4, Rusty stays close to its favorite owner. Most of the nights, Rusty would just get comfortable sleeping on the floor in Kenny’s bedroom.


Kenny: Ever since I got Comffe’s Ocean Hues Quilt Cover set, Rusty seems to like it a lot too. Rusty would hop on in bed and lay on the Ocean Hues blanket. He has never laid on my previous blanket. Not once. Seems like Ocean Hues quilt cover is “Rusty-approved!”


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⦁ What was your inspiration for your bedroom?

Kenny: There isn’t any particular inspiration that I relate to, except just to achieve a cozy feeling based on my personal preference. A place where I can truly unwind.


⦁ How would you describe your bedroom style?

Kenny: Messy but artistic at the same time. What do you call it… it’s a beautiful mess!


⦁ Why did you purchase Comffe’s Ocean Hues Quilt Cover Set?

Kenny: I love the Ombre look! The combination is easy to match. And since my bedroom wall is painted in blue color, adding Comffe’s Ocean Hues Quilt Cover really brings out the Ocean feel. Very cozy.



⦁ What would be important to consider when buying new bedding?

Kenny: The design of the bedding. Usually, it depends on the theme of the bedroom I’m going for.


⦁ What is a typical #comffeinbed day looks like?

Kenny: Simply spending the whole day in bed, just chilling and using my phone.


⦁ Any great tips you’d like to share with everyone?

Kenny: Get a bedside standing lamp for your bedroom. I use it very often. It not only adds a sophistication feel to the room but also brings out a comfortable ambiance with the warm lighting. As recently I am trying to protect my eyes from astigmatism, having the lamp also allows me to refrain from using my phone in the dark.

Ultimately, I can really feel the difference in comfort using Comffe’s Ocean Hues quilt cover. The moment I made the change, I could feel the silky and soft-touch “feeling” of the quilt cover. I strongly recommend you guys to try it and feel the difference for yourself.