1)  Plants / Flowers

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Image from Branchabode (Image credit: branchabode)


You have to agree that it’s visually refreshing to see some greens hanging around in a bedroom. Why not opt for artificial ones? They are easy to clean, requires less-to-almost-no effort to maintain and they are still pretty to look at!

You can do a little DIY by placing them into a recycled glass bottle, with a jute string tied around the rim, and Voilà! A perfect decorative piece for your study desk and bedside table.

Tip: Check out Singapore Daiso or the stretch of wholesale flora shops at Thomson Road


2) Mirrors

Image from Woontrendz (Image credit: woontrendz)


An absolute must-have piece in every bedroom!

It not only visually enhance the space of your room, but when angled correctly, it reflects light and helps brighten up the room! Full-length mirrors are our favorite kind. And if you are one to take #OOTD #mirrorselfies, you would know 😉

Tip: It seems like round wall mirrors are making a comeback.


3) Hanging Lights

Comffe, bedsheet, bed sheet Singapore, Sahara, fitted sheet, Ocean bed, quilt cover, home, home decor

Image from Li-chi Pan (Image credit: li-chi pan)


There’s just something about fairy lights that adds a whimsical feel to your bedroom. Place them in a glass jar as a decorative piece for your bedroom, or simply hang them around your bedroom and enjoy the atmospheric lighting twinkle all night!


4) Wall prints

Image from trineholbaekdesigns (Image credit: trineholbaekdesigns)

Hang an over-sized piece of wall print above your bed. It can be a favorite painting, a favorite photo, or a favorite quote. Print it and frame it. It’s gonna be a statement piece we think you’ll love!


5) Wall Tapestry

Image from Macrografiks (Image credit: Macrografiks)


Whether you are a globe-trotter, a retro seeker or even an ocean lover… vibe up your room with a tapestry of that sort. Be surprise by how it adds a distinctive touch to the final look of your dream bedroom!

Tip: Search for ‘Tapestry’ in Carousell for a wide range of choices


6) Bedside Lamps

Image from domino (Image credit: domino)


A bedside lamp not only serves as a good ambient light, it also provides a detail that is able to transform your bedroom space into a cozy one! Even a plain and simple table lamp would do the trick.

A word of advice: When in doubt, go for metallic.


7) Perfect Bedsheet For Your Bedroom

Comffe, ocean hues, sahara, bedsheet, bed sheet Singapore, Sahara, fitted sheet, Ocean bed, quilt cover, home, home decor
Image from Comffe (Image credit: comffe)

Believe us when we say your bed linen plays an important role in the decor of your bedroom. It not only sets the mood, but also reflects your personal style. Here at Comffe, you can find unique bedding designs such as our best-selling Ombre Quilt Cover exclusive to Comffe Singapore. Go on and create a bedroom oasis you love!

Tip: A thread count of 200 is a good standard; a count of 300 will be noticeably softer.


8) Stacking Pillows

Image from lizlovegrowswild (Image credit: lizlovegrowswild)


The trick to make your bed look full and cozy is by adding more pillows! When it comes to accessorizing your bed, one can never have too many pillows. The more the cozier.

Tip: Add a little variety to your bed by throwing on a different shade of back pillows that will complement the pillowcase of your front pillows.