⦁ We’re obsessed with Fine Array’s collection of handmade clay jewelry! Tell us a bit about how you got into making clay jewelry in the beginning?
Debbie: Since young, I’ve always been interested in anything DIY. Fashion jewelry particularly! I came across some works on polymer clay online one day and I find myself learning more about it and its processes. Not long after, I made a choice to venture into doing polymer clay jewelry.


⦁ What made you decided to take the leap and start your own business?
Debbie: In 2009, I used to DIY various bracelets and rings and put them on sale on a Facebook Page that I had created. I was just doing and selling for fun then. I have always loved the idea to sell my handmade creations to people who appreciate them!

My boyfriend is a business owner himself. He was the one who persuaded me to pursue a dream that I want to achieve, while I still can.
Also, I love the idea of having my own freedom and space to do my crafts! It’s never too late to take a leap of faith.


⦁ Describe your bedroom style.
Debbie: Minimal + modern Scandinavian. That is why I chose my walls to be painted in dark grey (as shown in pic) and white on the other side of my room. Same goes for my daily outfits. I’m often clad in monochrome colored clothing, no doubt why I’ll gravitate towards minimal tones! I like my bedroom to look clean, simple and cozy at the same time.


⦁ Do you have any tips for maintaining a minimal space?
Debbie: Declutter! Note: Less is more.


⦁ What do you like best about our Ocean Hues bedding set? [Bedding Review]
Debbie: The ombré hues! It’s a really unique design where you don’t get to find it easily anywhere else. Plus, the material is so soft. You have to try it for yourself.


⦁ Lastly [we’re asking on behalf of the ladies], do you have any secret spots to find great jewelry holders for our own bedrooms? 😍
Debbie: Muji! I love their minimalistic transparent acrylic jewelry holders. It instantly beautifies your jewelry corner! Their wood series is nice as well. GO GET THEM.