Circuit Breaker – Things To Do While Staying In Bed


It is Circuit Breaker Day xx (lost count). Do you feel like staying in bed a whole lot longer? We have days like this too, and today happens to be one of those days. Naturally, we’ll be scrolling through social media on our mobile phones to get the latest update on the number of cases in Singapore, what’s happening around the world, what are our friends and families up to at home, and mostly just soaking ourselves into content that’s made available to us on the internet.

In fact, we did come across some good deals from our Facebook newsfeed that has kept us occupied and entertained while staying in bed the whole day. Here is the list of good deals that you might have missed out on:


FREE access to digital SPH Magazine for 3 months

You get to subscribe to 3 of your favorite SPH magazine! You will also have to download the myNEWSSTAND App by SPH Magazines to gain access to these magazines. Our picks are Home & Decor SG, The Peak SG, and The Singapore Women’s Weekly. What’s yours?


FREE Morning Stretch Routine In Bed or Bedtime Yoga Routine 


Morning stretch, rangoonactive, morning stretch tutorial, morning workout

We consulted Lynn, founder of @rangoonactive to show us some simple yoga stretches we can do while staying in bed. She showed us a morning stretch routine that allows us to prep our body for the day without having to sweat a ton. You will also find a bedtime yoga routine to help us calm our racing thoughts, relax our mind and body and to sleep so much better.


Comffe, Bohemian Tassel Bed Set, bohemian, tassel bed, tassel bedding, bedsheet, bed sheet Singapore, fitted sheet, quilt cover, home, home decor
Bohemian Tassel Rhapsody Bed Set
Simple white sheets with a touch of whimsy. The sheets are very comfortable, the fabric used is very cooling and suitable for Singapore’s weather. Excellent product and service!
– Tang


FREE audiobook of your choice – 30-day trial

While the library remains close during Circuit Breaker, you can sign yourself up for a free audible book. By the time you finish your 30-day trial, hopefully, our public libraries are open again. One of the places we definitely miss going to!


FREE courses to enroll in with Shaw Academy – 28-day trial

Yeap, we did sign ourselves up for a couple of courses. We were scheduled to take 2 lessons per week for each course. It is very helpful if you wish to sharpen up your existing skillset, or you can even enroll yourself in an entirely new course. As long as you put your heart into it, keep practicing and applying what you’ve learned, you will definitely get good at it.


FREE board games to challenge your friends on Plato App 

A fellow friend recommended this app to us and we played for almost 3 hours long the first time. Our favorite have got to be Bankroll (Monopoly), Sea Battle (Battleship), Minesweepers, Go Fish and Ocho (Uno). It has over 30 multiplayer games so you’re in good company!

Well… now that you are more likely to be spending 1/2 of your day in bed – make it comfy, make it you. If you’re intending to give your bedroom a mini revamp, here’s how you can do it >> Read Journal on What Does Your Bedroom Say About You