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HDB BTO Edition: Sahara x Japanese Style Bedroom



Here’s a peek into one of our customer’s BTO
bedroom decor. When we heard it is
a Japanese themed bedroom, we were so excited
to see how our Sahara set played its part.


Putting it all together

As you can already tell, the owners of this BTO flat absolutely love Japan! They have embedded the essential elements of a Japanese style bedroom into theirs. That includes having a natural color scheme, woody flooring, a low bed, incorporating tatami mats, sliding shōji doors for their bathroom, and even having an iconic Japanese wall art above the bed.


Creating a Japanese style bedroom with Sahara Set

Whenever someone mentions “Japanese-style”, you will naturally think “minimalism”. The natural beige shade of Sahara sheet fits the theme of this bedroom perfectly, creating a minimalist, open and clean look. Our Sahara set is made of 100% combed cotton, single ply, in a percale weave. It has a rustic ‘linen-look’ and a crisp feeling to the sheets. Affordable, yes. Breathable… absolutely.


Comffe, bedsheet, bed sheet Singapore, Sahara, fitted sheet
Sahara Fitted Sheet Set
The sheet set is very comfortable! Material is soft. I’ve been using it for 2 years
and washed it many times and the color doesn’t fade. Highly recommended!
– Christine Chang


Favorite part of the bedroom:

Tatami mats

If you have stayed in a Ryokan (traditional Japanese inn), you would have seen its tatami-matted rooms. In order to recreate the ryokan vibes,the owners have chosen to line their storage space with tatami mats. It not only conceals the storage area but also transformed it into an aesthetically pleasing spot in the master bedroom.


Wait, is that a….Samurai Armor?

To top things off, they have a legit full-sized Samurai armor displayed in their living room (WOW). I was granted permission to don its helmet. Boy oh boy, it sure was as heavy as it looks. Definitely not your typical HDB decor.