Breakfast In Bed – Revive’s Honey Granola


Bed and breakfast, quite frankly, is one of life’s little pleasures. Introducing our Breakfast In Bed series, where we share simple recipes to whip up something hearty for the morning. The best part of it? It’s easy to put it all together. Whether you are surprising your other half with breakfast or just making something nice and tasty for yourself while working from home, you’ll love these nutritious recipe ideas curated by our favorite go-to breakfast expert, Revive – Nourish to Flourish. Their granolas and overnight oats are made in Singapore with 100% natural ingredients. When we think of a nutritious and hassle-free breakfast, it makes perfect sense to ask our friends at Revive.

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Now, let’s make your Breakfast In Bed experience feel extra special.
Here are the basic essentials you’ll need:

(1) A breakfast board or tray
(2) A small plain/patterned cloth
(3) A favorite mug
(4) Greaseproof paper for placing anything flaky or toasted
(5) A coconut bowl,  because they are the perfect way to serve breakfast smoothies!

And there – you’re almost ready for your first Breakfast In Bed moment. If you have gathered your essentials, let us know by posting them to Instagram with the hashtag #comffeinbed.


🎉 Update on 21st Nov 2020:
Revive has raised and donated $760! Although they did not reach their target fundraising amount, it is still worth celebrating the love, support and community that rise from tough times!

From 12th October to 20th November, $10 will be donated to the Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF) for every Product Variety Bundled purchased online via Revive Nutrition’s website. They hope to raise $2,000 for CCF to help improve the quality of life of children and families affected by cancer because #childhoodcancerdoesntstop ❤️

[Image credit: Revive Nutrition Website, as of 15 November 2020]