The Origin of Ocean Hues

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The Origin of Ocean Hues

Behind The Design

The inspiration for Ocean Hues originated from a feeling, one that catches my heart every single time – the Ocean. The beauty of the gradient sea and the soothing sound of calm ocean waves. A part of me always feels like bringing a piece of it (whether it’s the feeling or the view of it) back home with me. And so I thought, what if I could?

And here we are today, with our 🌊 Ocean Hues Quilt Cover Set – it’s like bringing “a piece” of your favorite ocean view back home with you.




ocean hues, comffe bedsheet, comffe bedding, bedsheet in singapore, hdb

Here at Comffe, our bedding designs are inspired by real-life scenarios and/or emotional desires we’d yearn for. Ocean Hues is made in a Sateen weave, giving it a softer, silkier feel. While Sateen sheets are not exactly shiny (like satin), it reflects light – just like the ocean does. Makes it even more oceany!



A Feeling Of






Ocean Hues Color Palette

comffe bedsheet, comffe bedding, bedsheet in singapore

Featuring a soothing ombre fade from white to blue on the upper side, and sky blue on the underside. Every movement creates a gentle ripple on Ocean Hues – makes you wanna take it slow this weekend, stay a little longer in bed, just slide around under the covers and create some ripples of your own.

You can easily match our ombre quilt cover with a solid white bedsheet, or even neutral colors such as beige, cream, or ivory to bring out the calming coastal vibes in your bedroom. Instead of the traditional button closures, Ocean Hues Quilt Cover comes with a zipper closure which makes it less of a hassle to change your quilt cover. (YASSS TO ZIPPERS πŸ™Œ)


Put Together Your Dream Bedroom

Take your first step towards an ocean-themed bedroom with just a change of bedding. Find us on Instagram: @comffe for more bedroom inspiration and how Singaporeans have put together their dream bedroom with Comffe bedding.