"Your Room Is A Reflection Of
Your Identity + Style"

Here at Comffe, we believe that bedding made from natural fiber offers superior comfort and is an essential element to a tranquil, restful night’s sleep. Our bedding sets are made from 100% cotton, a natural fiber widely used in the bedding industry.


Well-known for its breathability and natural cooling effect, Comffe combines quality and style to bring you a range of comfortable and one-of-a-kind bedding sets to put together your dream bed.

Why choose Our sheets?


We choose our own suppliers who are certified free of using harsh chemicals or dyes

Breathable Weave

Say goodbye to night sweats, and hello to lightweight, cooler sheets for a comfy sleep


Each bedding set is inspired by a feeling, an experience that carries to our bedding design

Perfect Fitting

According to Singapore’s standard mattress sizes + with full elastic for the perfect fit

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Our Process

Our designs are inspired by the epitome of casual living — keeping it casual, the way you want it without worrying about other people’s thoughts and opinions. You do you!


We focus solely on 100% Cotton sheets as it is breathable, easy to care for, gets softer with each use and wash, and generally comes with quite an affordable price tag.


We’ve met with every supplier we’ve worked with in-person and personally select and entrust in them to bring our ideas to life. We’ll present our ideas to our suppliers and they’ll send over sample pieces for the selection and confirmation process before an actual sample bedding set is manufactured. The sample set is then tested in our own homes before a new collection is born.

Drawstring Bags

Instead of the regular shopper’s paper/plastic bag, our choice of using a non-woven as a carrier for Comffe bedding goes beyond durability. It works great as a dust bag to keep your bedding set looking organized and clear of dust while it sits comfortably in your wardrobe waiting to be used.

Our aim is for you to be able to reuse these drawstring bags again and again – be it for your travels, camping trips, as storage bags for clothing, bedding etc. We hope you’ll find great use for them in your daily lives.

Behind Comffe

I started this passion project of mine to transform my bedroom with just minimal changes like rearranging my furniture, decluttering my belongings and simply a change of sheets to bring out the look & feel I was going for. However, the only thing I couldn’t seem to find were the modern design bedsheets I had in mind for my room decor. The ones in the malls were either plain and traditional-looking, or simply way out of my budget. I began exploring the idea of combining modern design, comfort and affordability for bedding. A year later, Comffe was launched.