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We’re passionate about simplicity and casual living.
We bring to you comfy & modern design bed linens to help make a beautiful bed.

Mix & match our modern duvet cover designs
with a classic plain bedsheet to create an effortless new style for your bedroom.

Customer Reviews

Not only does the colour attracted me, the softness after my first wash was amazing! It is so comfortable to sleep in and it does not trapped heat!! Also, the service is beyond words! Definitely getting my second set real soon!


Sahara Fitted Sheet Set is value for money. Excellent material. Comfy indeed! Thank you.

Janet Koh

Tassels are perfect 🙂 finally something unique in SG bedsheet selection


Love it! Bed sheet is usually one of my rarest purchase so I’m extremely glad I managed to come across Comffe and am pleased with the premium quality feel!